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This is the Peace Memorial erected in Victoria Park by members of the GCBPA.. The Memorial, a pedestal without the bust of Emperor William Ist, which originally rested on top of the 1896 pedestal, was re-erected in 1996 to honour a piece of Kitchener’s history. The original 1896 Memorial commemorated the 1871 Peace of Frankfurt celebrations here in the city, and was erected on the occasion of 25th anniversary celebrations.

In 1914, Emperor William’s bust was torn from the original pedestal and tossed into the adjacent lake. The bust was later recovered and then mysteriously disappeared again. It was still missing in 1916, when the original, bust-less, pedestal, was taken down on instructions of the Park Board.

The story has become an integral part of Kitchener’s history. So on the occasion of the 100th anniversary-celebrations of Victoria Park, the GCBPA, supported by the City, rebuilt the pedestal – and thus re-created a Peace Memorial without the bust. The Emperor is missing to this date. Replacing him is a bronze plaque on one of the pedestal’s side, pictured below, which tells the story of the bust-less monument. Stop by and read a piece of Kitchener’s 19th century history. The plaque, which dedicates the monument, is further down this page.

Rumours have it that the bust is hidden in someone’s attic, perhaps even without the owner’s knowledge. Still other rumours will have it that the bronze was melted down.

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